iRecommend: Body of Proof

So I have decided to launch a new column! Yay! What I will do is every so often I’ll recommend a series or movie that I think all of you should be watching. Hopefully you will then watch what I recommend and tell me you loved it, or possibly question my sanity for enjoying such crap 😉 So here we go!

Today I am recommending that you watch ABC’s new series, titled Body of Proof, created by Chris Murphy. The basic premise of the series is that a brilliant neurosurgeon, Megan Hunt(Dana Delany), is in a car accident, which has leaves her unable to practice medicine – on the living that is – so she becomes a medical examiner. She works to help solve crimes and help the dead, who are unale to help themselves. The series will follow her attempts to balance her rocky social life with her daughter and her professional life as a crime solving medical examiner.

I have been waiting for the show to debut for months. I am a huge fan of the lead actress, Dana Delany, her previous works include Desperate Housewives, a brief guest role on The L Word, among others. She has this look about her that I really respond to; it’s a kind of justified arrogance that makes her just so compelling to watch. Her character is both compassionate, cynical and brilliantly clever.

The supporting cast are entertaining enough – I particularly enjoy Curtis (Windell Middlebrooks) – but I think they’ll probably develop a bit more as the series progresses.

The show is a fantastic mix of House, The Mentalist, with a little Desperate Housewives thrown in. The story could get a bit shaky in weeks to come, but Dana Delany is just such a presence on screen that I think it could pull through. So far only two episodes have aired, but I thoroughly enjoyed both episodes and look forward to more.

If you’ve watched the show tell me your thoughts on it in the comments or @CDWB on Twitter.



~ by CDWB on April 5, 2011.

One Response to “iRecommend: Body of Proof”

  1. Very keen to watch this!!!

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