Glee Report: Original Songs

I’ve been meaning to this for a while now, but I just seem to keep putting it off. But here we go; this is a Glee Report – in the spirit of the weekly segment I do about American Idol. I’ll go through the episodes highlights and lowlights and then rate the songs performed.

This week’s episode was titled “Original Songs” and featured the New Directions and the Dalton Academy Warblers preparing for regional competition. This was one of those Glee episodes I end up feeling decidedly luke-warm about. Not surprisingly it was written by co-creator Ryan Murphy – who I personally think is a bit of a douche and generally don’t respond well to episodes he writes.

The episode starts with yet another incredibly gay performance by the Warblers. And no that is not homophobia, that is truth. It was endearing the first couple of times they did it, but the Warblers are just irritating the hell out of me now.

We were then treated (I say with copious amounts of sarcasm) to another one of Rachel’s original song. I know they’re going for terrible but most of the first attempts at original songs were too cringe-worthy and not funny enough.

I was a big fan of the little inner-monologue things that Glee has done; but Quinn’s was so badly written and I really despise the whole Quinn/Finn connection. I was okay with Rachel/Finn (I refuse to use the ridiculous amalgamated couple names) and I loved Quinn/Sam; both couples were torn apart by none other than Ryan Murphy, who only broke them up because – and I quote – he was “bored”.

Anyway, I digress, shortly after the horrid monologue we find out that the death that has been talked about in every spoiler discussion I’ve read is that of…Pavarotti the canary. While that’s not the juiciest of character deaths it did lead to one of my favourite performances of the episode. Kurt sings a beautiful cover of “Blackbird” that finally opens up Blaine’s eyes to Kurt’s boyfriend potential. I adore Blaine/Kurt and was mildly crushed when – thanks once again to Murphy – we found out all the flirting and chemistry was all in our heads way back in the Valentines Day episode when Blaine is revealed to be in love with some random guy who works in a clothing store. However, since then the friendship between the two have only gotten stronger and later in the episode they FINALLY kiss and officially become a one of the cutest couples on TV.

I like to see that Santana (aka Tweedle-Fake-Boobs 🙂 ) and her love confession to Brittany was not completely ignored; even if it was a small moment.

Santana’s original song was good musically but “Trouty Mouth”? Really?! On the other end of the scale, Puck’s song had okay lyrics but awful music. The only redeeming post-big-stage original song was Mercedes’ “Hell to the No”, which was really perfect.

The scene between Quinn and Rachel over the piano was actually one of my highlights – as much as I disagree with the plot line it was following, it was a well written and acted scene. And it provided Rachel with the inspiration for “Get it Right”.

And that leads us to the Regionals competition itself. First this years judges were introduced – we have familiar news anchor Rod Remington, Tea-party candidate and homeschooler Tammy-Jean Albertson (played by Kathy Griffith) and former exotic dancer and current nun Sister Mary Constance (played by the fabulous Loretta Divine). Sister Mary Constance was delightful and very funny, but Tammy-Jean was a poorly written character and a bit disappointing.

First to perform was Aural Intensity – coached by Sue – who blatantly pandered to the judges with a religious song which was not great at all. They were followed by the Warblers and a very nice backstage moment for Kurt and Blaine before they performed “Candles”, which I so wanted to like. Unfortunately it wasn’t nearly as amazing as I had hoped and the Warbler’s rendition of “Raise Your Glass” was nowhere near the awesomeness of the original.

Finally it was time for Rachel to take the stage and show us all the song she had written. It was an okay song and a very good performance. But it was the following song, “Loser Like Me”, that was the real star for me. It is an amazing underdog/outcast anthem that I can’t stop listening to.

The little judging session was very reminiscent of season one, but because of the lack-lustre Tammy-Jean character it fell a little flat. It then fell on a humorous drunk woman to announce the winners. Naturally,  the New Directions win and will move on to Nationals in New York.

The burial of Pavarotti scene was visually beautiful and the last of many amazing moments between Kurt and Blaine in this episode.

The episode ends with Rachel receiving a trophy and a group hug after a heart-felt speech.

So on to the music. Here are my ratings.

  • Misery: C
  • Only Child: F
  • Blackbird: A
  • Trouty Mouth: E
  • Big Ass Heart: F
  • Hell to the No: A
  • Jesus is a Friend of Mine: F
  • Candles: C
  • Raise Your Glass: C
  • Get it Right: B
  • Loser Like Me: A

So what were your thoughts on “Original Songs”? Leave a comment or talk to me @CDWB on Twitter.


~ by CDWB on March 16, 2011.

One Response to “Glee Report: Original Songs”

  1. hey great site…we liked those last two episodes lots ….:)..Raise your glass and Candles…got A’s from us ….:)

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