Rumour Mill – TV News & Spoilers

This will be a little column I’ll do every so often. What I’ll do is collect tidbits that I hear of from various sources and put them here. These nuggets of information range from casting news to rumoured or confirmed plot details for upcoming episodes. I  will include information about shows I watch or things I find interesting, if there are any shows you want more news on I can happily look for and include said info next time.



The How I Met Your Mother gang are in for another devastating loss this season. “Who do they loose?” you may ask. Well the loss in question is not a who but a what. They loose their beloved booth in MacLaren’s to another group of friends. Is it just me or is there a smell of impending battle in the air?

The competition at  regionals this year on Glee is going to be deadly; and I do mean that literally.  A male character will die just prior to the competition.

Have you ever wondered what Grey’s Anatomy would be like if it were a musical? Well you are going to find out. An episode airing in mid-March will feature star’s Sara Ramirez and Chandra Wilson (among others) getting their glee on in a musical episode. Watch a BTS clip here.

The cast of True Blood season 4 seems to be full of new faces. But we can expect to see some familiar faces return as well. Allan Hyde will reprise his role as Eric’s late, forever young-looking maker, Godric.

The series of questionable quality known as The Cape appears to be done. The series finale will not even air on TV, instead it will be put online.

It seems fans of the hit zombie series The Walking Dead will still be in for a long wait. The series which ended it’s first season a few months ago was at one point rumoured to be airing again in June, but AMC has other plans. The second season will begin airing on Halloween.


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